Sunday, August 26, 2007

It Only Pours...

The rain was still beating down... Harder... Small puddles were collecting in his Chapeau. Alistair grimaced as it finally dawned upon him that life hated his existence.

"You know... I have this nasty suspicion that somewhere, some greater being really has it in for me" He shook his head, the water cascaded from his hat and splashed against the stones below.
"Now... Methink I need a diversion to get in there"

There were still heavily armored guards by the Auction House, all of them showing no sign of moving any time soon. Due to the increased number of people arriving for the festival, the president had spared no expense in stepping up security.

Alistair stroked his sodden beard... Raindrops fell from it... There must be some way... Some easy method of breaking through and getting to the auction counter... In the square he could see hundreds just milling around... People in armor...Mages wearing hooded robes... It was this last one that made him pause for thought...

"A disguise..." A small grin appeared on his face... If he was diguised as someone else... Then they'd have no choice but to let him through.
He needed something subtle... Something which they wouldnt ask too many questions... A mage would be ok... But people had that nasty habit of talking with you...

He shuddered... "Something easy... But convincing..."

His eyes scanned the crowd... But finally fell upon the festival moogle...

"Perfect..." He watched the moogles fluffy bobble bounce as he joined in the festivities... "That's what i need"

Friday, August 17, 2007

That Sweet Release...

"This should be easy... " Alistair said as he climbed the residential area's staircase... And easy it should have been. It was that time of day again when people were at home... Reading... Or whatever people did with their families nowadays...
However... 'Bang' the sky lit up... Alistair moved slower... 'Bang Bang' The sky lit up again... Red... Blue... It was changing colours quicker than a new player changed jobs... 'Bang Bang' it was fireworks... And then it hit him... She'd sent him out in the midst of the festival...

"You know... When I get back... That white mage is going to get a piece of my mind"

'Bang Bang' The first was a firework... The second was the noise of Alistairs face as he connected with the heavily armed Galka in front of him...

"Watch where you're going... Stupid Galka" It was as he said this... He noticed the Bastok insignia emblazoned on his armor...
"Citizen... Please watch where you are goi-" The galka cut short... As he noticed who had just run in to him...
"Well... Is that the time... I really must be going... Gotta see a man about a moogle"
Alistair ran...

It was after the celebration stopped he gained enough courage to return to the public eye... There were less people now and most were either busy partying... Or too inebriated to care.
He thrust his hand in the air, somewhat victorious "To the Auction House!!"
Bastok market square neared as he moved closer, all was going according to plan... Soon they'd be out of here... And then... Freedom... He could see the tops of the fountain, decorated for the celebration.
"Almost there... I can almost smell the ginger" Out of the corner of his eye... He could just make out the flags and banners marking the auction house. And beneath them... The several armored soldiers guarding it....
"Why... Must everything bad happen to me... For once... Can a bit of good luck just grace it's presence..."

It started to rain...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

You Want What?

Alistair couldn't quite put his finger on the reason why he was confused... Perhaps it was the experience of waking up in a place he didn't recognise... It could be the fact his head was still reeling from the night before... Then again it could have been the White Mage beating three shades of tar out of him...

He sat up... Shielding his eyes from the staff...

"Not the face... I need it to do stuff" He was cowering in fear. Shivering, holding his hands over his eyes.
His attacker did not look best pleased
"You idiot, what the hell do you think you're playing at?" She was screaming and started waving the staff again.
"You want gil? I have gil" He went for his bag. "See... Take what you want" A moth flew out.

Her eyes followed the moth across the room. "Been a slow month has it?" His lack of funds did not seem to amuse her.
Laughing, he put his bag away. "Well, not exactly. But you know how some nights out can be, someone gets hold of some crystals, you do some things you'll regret later and Bang! You wake up face down with a Mage on your case" Alistair smiled, the mage advanced on him threateningly.

"On Your CASE!!" Her hands were glowing... Primed and ready for spell casting. "I saved your bloody life... If it wasn't for me, you'd be explaining your mess to the Iron Musketeers"
He looked confused...
"Exactly how i thought you'd react" She reached in to her robes. "Look at this... I took it earlier"
She handed him a screen shot, it was of the fountain in Port Bastok.
"Nice... Fountain... How...Err... Ordinary"
She slapped him... "Not the fountain... Behind it..."
He looked again... And dropped the picture
"See? Look what you've done" She said picking up the photo. Emblazoned on the wall in tall red letters were 'Red Mages Rule...'
Alistair swallowed nervously "Some night out eh?"

It was some time before she'd calmed down enough to put her staff away...
"So, what happens now?" He was sitting on the edge of the bed, playing with his fire sword.
"First, we get supplies, then we get out of Bastok... We can head to Jeuno... Then we'll be safe"
She stepped backwards as his sword ignited the curtains. "You're a liability you know that?"
Alistair grinned. "Well then... Shopping!"
She handed him some gil and a list, "Stay out of sight, and get these. Come back here with the items and we''ll move out"
"Why exactly do you want to help me so much? After all, wouldn't it be easier just to turn me over to the Musketeers?"
She wafted the smouldering curtains with a pillow, "Let's just say I have these feeling you'll be needed... Now go... Get the items"
He unfolded the crumpled list, It had one item quickly scribbled on it...
"Ginger Cookies... You want me to risk going out there... To get COOKIES?!" He looked mad...
"Don't argue with me... They'll help..."

He left in a hurry and angrily slammed the door behind him... The white mage perched herself next to the now burnt curtains. "He really doesn't seem to understand the properties of food..."
She turned away to pack her bag.
Meanwhile... Outside...
"Cookies... She wants Cookies... I bet this is a joke... Stupid mage... I don't even know her name..."

He set off towards the auction house...

Monday, August 6, 2007

A New Beginning

The sun rose over Port Bastok, casting away the nights shadows. Thus began another day. For some a new day brought new opportunities, new adventured and mystery. For others it was just another day to be miserable just more time to suffer.

Enter Alistair, our hapless hero, who was currently awaking from his current state to find himself face down on the steps of Bastok's favourite eatery, The Steaming Sheep.

"Stupid Sun... I thought I cast Slow on you... Why are you here so early" He propped himself up on to his elbows, then using a passing Taru for support, finally found his feet.
People were staring... It was going to be one of those days.

It was not long before a small crowd had gathered, several were heading for breakfast, others were just there for the show. After all it wasn't every day that you saw this sort of entertainment. He was doing what could only be described as dancing. The crowd dispersed quickly... Others were throwing gil.

"And now, for my greatest trick. I will now hypnotise this lovely White Mage" He clapped his hands together thoughtfully. Before the White Mage had time to object, Alistair had already started casting Sleep. It would not be long until his trick had been completed.
"And look, as she's almost under my spell" He was waving madly as his spell finished, he was but moments away from victory.
The White Mage smiled. "Barsleep" She whispered... Alistairs eyes opened in shock. Too late to stop, his sleep spell hit her. Resisting it with full force she smiled as the shock blew him backwards in to the door...

It was several hours when he awoke, and it was dark once more. "Victory! I beat the sun" It was then it hit him... Not an idea as such... But the wrong end of a staff.
"Err... Ow.... That hurt"
Out of the shadows appeared the white mage from before... She wasn't looking too pleased at him.
"You... And I... Need to have a little chat" She hit him again...